Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It has been a long time

Today is the 27th of April and it has been weeks since I have blogged. Simple reason. It has been weeks since I have had a good series of workouts.

Due to some health troubles, lots of travel, and some other personal/holiday stuff, I am struggling right now.

On Saturday, I did have a good workout. I walked for 15 minutes at 4MPH and then ran for 5 minutes at 6MPH. The 6MPH is the fastest I've run since 1979, so that was a good move forward.

Sunday was Easter and Monday I left for the trip I'm currently on. I'm headed home tonight and I'll be going back at it tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience. I knew this would be hard physical work. I way underestimated the logistics aspects to actually get to the physical part.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Another detour on the journey

Well, I've hit another detour.
It seems that I caught a cold or something while I was working in California.
Could have been the quaint but odd hotel in Redwood City that was "open air" so I had to walk outside from my sweaty workout back to hotel room. Could have been either of the mega-crowded plane trips to/fro.
In any case, I'm not in workout condition as my throat is sore and any strain sets me to coughing.
I missed Thursday and Friday workouts this week with an eye towards getting fully better before I head back out on the road on Monday.

Bummed, but I'm 100% confident I'm doing the right thing.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

update on the new segment

Today is the 4th day of my new, higher-octane segment of the 5K journey.
Each morning I've been walking 12 minutes at 3.9/MPH and then doing 8 minutes at 5/MPH.
This makes for a tough 20 minutes for a guy like me. However, it has gone to the almost routine stage already.
The really tough part comes when I finish the workout and realize that at these times, I can't even get 1/2 way to the 5K. YIKES

The good news is I'm moving forward with each two week set. The other good news is that I'll only 2 months into this 12 month journey.

All in all, things are all good.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

two weeks into the new combo pack

OK, things are really starting to more forward.
After the shoe fiasco that set me back some weeks, I'm getting the very strong feeling I'm making real progress.
Yesterday (3/26/011), I completed my latest two week segment.
I walked 15 minutes at 3.7/MPH and shifted to running 5 mins at 5/MPH. With 14 sessions behind me, I can honestly say it is tough, but doable.

This morning, I started the next segment. 12 minutes at 3.9/MPH and 8 minutes at 5/MPH. Still just 20 minutes, but a fair amount tougher than yesterday. Good workout that feels good.

Monday, March 21, 2011

It was my shoes!

This is a mentally painful post that reflects the psychically painful situation with my left knee.
No doubt you remember that my journey came to a full stop back in mid-February. There was an, at the time, unexplained pain in my left knee that made just regular walking difficult.
I took two weeks off and then I restarted with two weeks of walking only. Thankfully, there was no new pain.

Last Friday, just to test a theory, I put on the same shoes I wore the morning of February 18th. By 10:00, my knee was throbbing. I was shocked in one way and pleased in another. The shock was due to the fact that I'm third generation shoe dog and I've never bought a pair of shoes that caused me a once of trouble. Turns out that streak is now over. While I had had those particular shoes for over a year, something has happened to them that throws my skeleton out of alignment and drives too much pressure to the knee area.

The pleasure comes two-fold. First, because my theory was correct and the shoes were the problem. Second, because there is nothing wrong with my body and my journey can move forward with confidence and renewed vigor.

All's well that ends well.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day by day along the way

Well, it looks like the decision to rest for two weeks and then re-start on a walking only regimen is paying off nicely.

Not only am I a week into the re-start, but I am pain free. I'm also to the point where the 20 minutes at 3.7MPH is becoming a solid and comfortable way to start my day.

I'll be sticking with the two week walking re-start and see how things are going next Saturday.

This knee injury had me worried on several levels. Fortunately, I remembered that like is a marathon (no pun intended) and not a sprint. By regrouping and giving myself time to rest and heal, I'm now in a much better position to complete his journey.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

four days in and going strong

Ok, the restart of the journey is going very well.
Today is the fourth day back on the treadmill. I''m doing 20 minutes at 3.7/MPH which ends up being about 1.23 miles.
This is certainly well behind where I wanted to be accordingly to the original plan.
However, the injury to my knee really but a full stop to things. The two weeks with no exercise put me in a somewhat dark and difficult place about doubting if I could actually do all this.

These past few days have restored my faith, my focus, and my vigor. It is my plan to workout at this same pace through the end of next week (through 3/19/011) and then make a new plan for pushing things forward.

All in all, I feel great and I'm pain free.