Monday, January 31, 2011

First week done, second week starts rough

Well, the first week went pretty well. Despite a variety of easy-to-miss hurdles, I walked every day and I was starting to feel like the walks were getting much easier.

Then came the weekend. Saturday, my lovely bride and I went into the Big City for a wonderful party and we spent the night. Nothing crazy, but it was just enough to get me to miss my walk on Sunday.

Never fear, I was back at this morning. However, this walk was a tough one. I could really tell that I had missed a day and hadn't had enough rest and didn't eat well over the weekend. I wasn't a killer, but it was a painful reminder that this journey will happen one step, one sip, and one mouthful at a time.

More updates to come!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Second challenge met head-on

Well, another small "step" in this walking journey.

I did get up this morning and go outside for my walk. The universe was with me too. It was 21 degrees, a bit above the forecast for this morning. There was no snow falling and the local hotel/shopping area had already been plowed. These may seem like small things, but unless you live in the upper midwest you can't really appreciate the difference these things make.

Since I couldn't be exact about my walking speed , I walked about an extra 5 minutes just to make sure I got the workout I needed.

Again, this was a small step. However, it is a step that I have taken and it has brought me that much closer to that 5K race next year.

Going home tonight! Back to the treadmill tomorrow.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Back-to-back challenges

I'm only a few days into this 5K effort and today was the first day of back-to-back challenges. I'm on a "local travel trip" down and all around Chicago and parts south. Since my first meeting was 2+ hours from the house, I had to get up about an hour earlier than usual to ensure I had time for my morning walk.

I'm proud to report that I did it! The walk was more satisfying since I could have easily just not done it due to the earlier time. Thankfully, I bucked-up and met the first challenge.

Tomorrow, I'm facing the second day of the back-to-back. I'm spending the night in a hotel without a treadmill, so I will have to go outside for the walk. It will be about 18 degrees with light snow when I head out. As I write this, I'm committed and I'm building on the strength from this morning.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My fist step on this journey

Hello all:

 My name is Michael Johnson and I started a journey over this past weekend. You can Search_Me to find out more details about my professional life. On the personal side, I am a wonderfully happy man with a beautiful wife, three great sons, and a super daughter-in-law.

 This posting makes the first step of what will, no doubt, be thousands and thousands of steps as I train for running a 5K race at the age of 50.

  My motivation for this is very simple...Love.

 I love my wife, I love my life, I love my children. I want to continue to experience my wife, my life, and my children for a long long time. Getting in shape for and actually running a 5K seemed like a good way to help ensure I'd be around for a while.

 Just to set the record straight, this is no mid-life crisis sort of thing. For openers, I plan on living well beyond 98 so I am nowhere near the middle of my life. Also, there is no crisis. While I am well above my "ideal weight" (whatever that means), all my numbers (blood pressure, heart rate, HDL/LDL, etc) are great. Anybody that knows me, knows that I'm the sort of person who has always been on the "husky" side of the sizing charts. mid-life and no crisis. Got it?

 This is just one of series of adjustments I'm making in an effort to become a better man, a better husband, and a better person.

 Now for some numbers.
49 -- I turned 49 on January 22nd 2011
232 -- That was my weight when I started this
228.8 -- That was my weight this morning
3.11 miles -- That is how far 5K really is. I'm not a believer in the metric stuff
1.55 miles -- That is how far I'm walking each morning
3.55 MPH -- That is my walking speed right now

That's it for today.