Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My fist step on this journey

Hello all:

 My name is Michael Johnson and I started a journey over this past weekend. You can Search_Me to find out more details about my professional life. On the personal side, I am a wonderfully happy man with a beautiful wife, three great sons, and a super daughter-in-law.

 This posting makes the first step of what will, no doubt, be thousands and thousands of steps as I train for running a 5K race at the age of 50.

  My motivation for this is very simple...Love.

 I love my wife, I love my life, I love my children. I want to continue to experience my wife, my life, and my children for a long long time. Getting in shape for and actually running a 5K seemed like a good way to help ensure I'd be around for a while.

 Just to set the record straight, this is no mid-life crisis sort of thing. For openers, I plan on living well beyond 98 so I am nowhere near the middle of my life. Also, there is no crisis. While I am well above my "ideal weight" (whatever that means), all my numbers (blood pressure, heart rate, HDL/LDL, etc) are great. Anybody that knows me, knows that I'm the sort of person who has always been on the "husky" side of the sizing charts. mid-life and no crisis. Got it?

 This is just one of series of adjustments I'm making in an effort to become a better man, a better husband, and a better person.

 Now for some numbers.
49 -- I turned 49 on January 22nd 2011
232 -- That was my weight when I started this
228.8 -- That was my weight this morning
3.11 miles -- That is how far 5K really is. I'm not a believer in the metric stuff
1.55 miles -- That is how far I'm walking each morning
3.55 MPH -- That is my walking speed right now

That's it for today.

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