Monday, March 21, 2011

It was my shoes!

This is a mentally painful post that reflects the psychically painful situation with my left knee.
No doubt you remember that my journey came to a full stop back in mid-February. There was an, at the time, unexplained pain in my left knee that made just regular walking difficult.
I took two weeks off and then I restarted with two weeks of walking only. Thankfully, there was no new pain.

Last Friday, just to test a theory, I put on the same shoes I wore the morning of February 18th. By 10:00, my knee was throbbing. I was shocked in one way and pleased in another. The shock was due to the fact that I'm third generation shoe dog and I've never bought a pair of shoes that caused me a once of trouble. Turns out that streak is now over. While I had had those particular shoes for over a year, something has happened to them that throws my skeleton out of alignment and drives too much pressure to the knee area.

The pleasure comes two-fold. First, because my theory was correct and the shoes were the problem. Second, because there is nothing wrong with my body and my journey can move forward with confidence and renewed vigor.

All's well that ends well.

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