Sunday, February 13, 2011

Catching up after missing time

Due to the undocumented corporate policy of the people that run O'Hare International Airport, is was almost midnight on Thursday when I got home from my trip to Texas.

I was dead tired on Friday morning and it was just too easy to pass on my opportunity to do my workout. The fault for being late clearly goes to O'Hare. The fault for missing the workout is all mine.

I made Saturday morning a "speed" day and everything was fine. In fact, the treadmill in Austin showed me that I could run a little faster than I thought.

The price for skipping that Friday morning was paid this morning. It took everything I had to do the 40  minutes (I've just rounded up from 39min45secs) and I'm still feeling it at almost 11:00 this morning.

The good news is that I did complete my time this morning and that I've learned a valuable lesson along the way.

Tomorrow starts a tough stretch. I'm flying at 08:00, so I'm doing a speed day a 05:00. I'll be in NY for Tues and Wed working long conference hours. My hope is that this morning's pain will be a strong reminder to keep me on the workout path and on my broader journey.

Stay tuned to see how I hold up under this trip.

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