Monday, February 7, 2011

How far is this?


First day at anything beyond walking and I have a V-E-R-Y clear idea of how far away I am from this 5K goal. Today was supposed to be a "speed-day" where I would jog my first mile since 1979. Again, I say Wow!

The idea here was simple. For the next two week segment of the journey I would walk 2.32miles at 3.55MPH one day and then job 1.00mile at 4.66MPH the next. Distance-speed-distance, etc.

Yesterday, while a bit of a push was a very doable 2.32miles.

Today was another matter all together.

As soon as I started at the 4.66MPH pace I wanted to stop. While there was no actual thought of any real danger, a type of panic did set in. I was, I guess, expecting some sort of very fast walking. What I found was that 4.66MPH is actually a jogging speed.

Since I haven't jogged more than 10-15 steps since my soon-to-be 19 year old son was 5 or 6, I had some real trouble right away. Honestly, my first reaction was to just push the stop button.

Thankfully, the very real notion that this is journey and that I can command my own path on this journey just jumped in and calmed me down.

I didn't do the whole mile, but I did stick with it for a 1/2 mile. Time to recalibrate and start a new chart. As I write this, I'm not upset at myself or the outcome. I am surprised that I ever ran a full mile. The really surprising thing is that my 1/2 this morning took a little longer than my full mile back in '79.

I guess 30+ years between laps will do that to you :-)

I am ready to adjust the chart for the speed days and to do my 2.32 in the morning.

Lesson learned. Full steam ahead.

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