Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A day for the ages

Yes, yes, I did my walk today, but that is not the interesting part. It was very nice to walk today as this was the first day that I didn't really notice the pace or the reaction from body. Get on the treadmill, push a few buttons, glance a few times at the timer, finish walk, get off.

The amazing part about today was the weather. Since this is not a weather blog, I'm not going to type much. However, the weather here is so amazing that I simply can't not mention it. Since mid-morning yesterday, we have had about 15-18" of snow. I say about because the wind (30-50MPH) has made it impossible to measure the snow depth. There are spots in the back acreage that have drifts four feet high. There is also a six or seven foot patch on the sidewalk that is absolutely clear. The awesome power of nature never fails to amaze me.

Back to the walk. I'm now midway through week two of the journey. Next week, I plan to increase the distance and maintain the 3.5MPH pace.

Stay tuned.

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