Wednesday, February 9, 2011

quick 2 day update

Hello from the Republic of Texas. It is above freezing down here, yet some people are wearing coats??

After that real awakening workout on Monday, I had a pretty easy day on Tuesday. It was a flying day, but I didn't leave the house until 09:00. Therefore, there was plenty of time to do my new full walking workout. The 2.32 distance is already seeming normal.

This morning, I was scheduled to do the 4.66MPH run for 6 1/2 minutes. The hotel has a nice little workout room complete with fancy treadmills. However, the fancy treadmills didn't have much flexibility. So...this ended up being a 7 minute run at 5MPH. It was tough, but not as tough as Monday.

I think that initial off period of 31+ years from running carried more shock value than body punishment. I was prepared for the run this time and I handled it well this morning.

All of this seems much more real. Feels good!

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