Sunday, February 6, 2011

A new section of the journey

Sunday 2/6/011. While it is not as important world-wide as the Super Bowl, today is also the first day of section two of my journey. The first two weeks went pretty well. A little slip here and there (including one on the ice near my sister's house), but I stuck with it and I feel good about it.

My body is responding to the workouts. I lost 5 pounds during those two weeks and the aches and pains of the section one training diminished over the two-week period.

Section two calls for alternate training. Today is a distance day. The walk will still be at 3.5MPH, but the distance will increase to 2.3 miles. Tomorrow is a speed day. The walk will be 1.0 mile, but the speed will increase to 4.66MPH.

Off I go!

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